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How to mirror an ***** to a TV?

It’s easy to connect your iPad and ***** to TV in the [acoustic office pods][1], and then you can share photos, movies, conference records, training documents on TV. Here are two main different ways to connect, stream or mirror whatever on your iPad or ***** screen to a television, including *****’s own AirPlay and via the use of adaptors.

Connect your ***** or iPad to a television using the Lightning Digital AV Adaptor and a HDMI cable.
Connect your ***** or iPad to an ***** TV device using AirPlay.

Both options have their merits: it all depends on your preferences. In this feature we’ll look at both ways to hook up your iOS device to a television. We also consider ways to get the new ***** TV involved.

[1]: http://www.adtomall.com/customized-phone-booth-soundproof-office-phone-booth-as-privacy-pods-with-good-quality

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