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Marinas have reached levels of sophistication and profitability that did not exist a few years ago. Diversified income streams from sales, service, parts, restaurants, retail rentals, boat rentals, dry storage and dockage have contributed to stable earnings, and that is attractive to buyers. Demand is up for storage and wet slips, and most service shops are operating at full capacity. “Mom and Pop” outfits are enjoying a robust industry at this time as well, and projections are positive for the foreseeable future. Marinas are in high demand and since value is primarily driven by earnings, 2016 is shaping up to be an outstanding year to sell.

Our Marina buyers are hungry for an opportunity. And value is generally increasing because added and diversified income streams are producing stronger results on the P&L (additional marina attributes are more frequently contributing to value as opposed to pure buyer fixation in the past on EBITDA and 10% cap rates). A historical number of marina acquisitions and divestitures have been closed since 2013, and demand is now exceeding the supply of profitable marina facilities that are reasonably priced. As a result, we have taken the position that reliable income streams for the future warrant more attractive cap rates which result in higher prices for our selling customers.

The expertise and hands on knowledge in the marina industry that we possess is uniquely beneficial to our clients. If you are interested to buy, sell or invest in a marina, we are ready to assist.

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**Rick is a uniquely qualified Commercial Maritime Broker**. He brings genuine knowledge and experience earned from decades of direct involvement in the Marine Industry. As a Shipyard Operator, as a Financial Officer, and as a Boat Dealership Owner who has been responsible for high level financial reporting for some of the largest and most robust marine facilities in the world, Rick brings exceptional knowledge and understanding to his clientele. His team will be proud to serve your interests with urgency and with professionalism.




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