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15,000 Lumens – Brightest Blue, Green, White and Only Color-Changing RGB Underwater Dock LEDs!


Water World’s robust underwater dock light kits are designed to withstand harsh salt-water environments. The LED’s fixture is constructed with a corrosion-resistant aluminum-bronze housing, impact-resistant marine-grade borosilicate-glass lens and stainless-steel hardware to ensure 100% waterproofing. The LED’s beam angle and superior light penetration/dispersion (depending on water clarity, light beam can reach up to 100ft/30mm) make these underwater lights the brightest, longest-lasting, and reliable underwater LEDs available. Engineered with the latest high-density chip technology, GFCI protection and boasting impressive 15,000 lumens and approximately 30,000 hours of operation, our lights are fully featured!

Even though the fixture can be placed directly on the ocean, lake or pond bottom, a LED fixture cradle can be purchased separately for easy mounting to any length of aluminum or stainless steel. This installation method enables easy removal for cleaning, prevents lighting from moving with tides and broadcast interference from sand or muck and placement to prevent damage to the LEDs from a passing boat. This installation method also allows the mounting bracket to be attached to wood, PVC, stone and concrete.

Available in blue, green, white and the only color-changing RGB configuration on the market. These vibrant LEDs bring extra fun to nighttime swimming, fishing and other watersports; while enhancing safety, security and beauty to any waterfront marine park, restaurant, drinking establishment or home or marina property to create a water world paradise!

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