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2001 Ski Pro – Extreme 21BR

Ski Pro Extreme 21BR
Motor Make:
Volvo Penta

EXTREME 21 BR by SKI PRO – 2004                  

Ski Pro is recognized for building totally custom boats for the buyers. This one is no exception. This was built as you might guess for a university of Texas longhorn graduate. This guy even gave money, huge sums of money to his alumni. A custom paint job was done along with customer longhorn interior and T-top, retractable boom. The interior was replaced due to age and the top was also replaced.   What’s amazing is, hardly any time….about 80hrs.

This thing is loaded. Hp 350, ballast tanks, select choice exhaust, stereo/4 spkrs. Wakeboard tower, twin fins, stainless props with a top speed of 64 mph. Weight 2900lbs, custom new interior, custom paint scheme.

This particular boat was used one year for the boat buyer’s magazine tests just before. It didn’t set a new record but it supported the high record setting boat from previous years. Tests are handling, acceleration, and top speed. The test skiers evaluate wake, table, spray.

If you love to barefoot ski, this boat was rated extremely high in those test categories. In fact, it still holds records in those tests. How about 3.7 seconds to 36 mph with 5 ppl and a barefooter with a forward distance of only 87ft? Think about it!

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