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6 years ago

DEVASTATING liquid fish attractant and lure combination.


Stop wasting **your money** on gimmicks **which don’t work**.
Show the fish who is boss and become a fishing legend by putting the odds in your favor.

1) Our powerful liquid attractant in both spray and liquid squeeze formula.

2) Our high quality lure which holds our proprietary formula leaving an alluring sent trail to entice the fish to bite

Thunder Strike Lures and attractant appeals to all three senses. Our Lures have a variety of color patterns for great visual appeal to fish. They have a realistic movement in the water that creates a vibrating sound in the water resembling live food. But the appeal to the fish’s sense of smell is what sets Thunder Strike Lures apart from ALL other lures.

Starter packages from $ 16.50 plus shipping or large box set from $ 29.95

*Retail outlets, dealers, and Fishing Charter company volume discounts available.*


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