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DryDock Boat Lifts

It is a FLOAT that lifts and stores your boat safely above the water.
Benefit: **No bottom paint needed, no bottom growth, no deterioration of zincs.**

This unique lift is made from 100% high density polyethylene, with PVC pins holding it together.
Benefit: **No metal parts to corrode or rust, UV stable. Expected service life of 50 years in salt water.**

Floats up and down with the tide, in raised or lowered position.
Benefit: **In raised position, ALWAYS floats your boat about 6 above water, no long lift or lower at low tide; in lowered position, always at the right level to drive into, no height adjustment necessary.**

No moving parts.
Benefit: **No moving parts, nothing to wear, nothing to maintain, NO MOVING PARTS!**

Ties to your dock float, no permanent installation required.
Benefit: **Float can be easily moved from location to location, stays with your boat, not your dock.**

Drive your boat IN, raise it UP, store it DRY.

Floating walkways, tanks, or bumpers guide your boat into float. Bow saddle centers and catches the boat. Attach stern lines to aft cleats, close exhaust valves and open air supply valves, turn blower motors on and boat comes out of water bow first. When air bubbles out from under rear of float, close air supply valves and turn off blower motors. Fast, 5,000# float lifts your boat to storage, raised position, in 70 seconds, 10,000# float lifts your boat to storage, raised position in 2 min. 30 sec. All DryDock Floats use air assist to raise your boat.

5000# Float-on DryDock Boat Lift with side walkways
“Float-on applications with side walkways for side-tie installation, front mount, or with one or no walkways for in-slip installation for all boats, including sailboats, up to 70 and 60, 000# capacity.

4500# “slide-on DryDock Boat Lift, side tied

10,000# “slide-on DryDock Boat Lift, in slip installation
“Slide-on applications available for all IO and OB drive boats up to 50 and 30,000# capacity, and all Jet drive boats up to 60,000# capacity, with or without walkways. Solar power available up to 7,500# capacity.
Endorsed by Marina Dock Age as a “Green Product in 2014.
Call for demonstration.
See videos at:

Developed and Designed by: Chuck Gorgen, Consultant, Industrial and Marine Lifting Systems
Fabricated by: Wolseley Industrial Group, www.hdpe.com

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