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MacGregor 26M

MacGregor 26M

The MacGregor 26M is the latest version of Roger MacGregor successful MacGregor 26X. This remarkable 26-footer can reportedly log speeds of over 21 knots under power, float in 12 inches of water, and sleep six. It has a galley and an enclosed head. Stability under sail comes from 300 pounds of permanent ballast, 1,150 pounds of easily removable water ballast in the hull, and a narrow centerboard. You fill up the ballast tank when you splash the boat at the ramp and empty the tank on the ramp before hitting the road. You can even empty the tank while youre under way by opening the valve on the transom as you motor at about 5 knots. The tank will drain in about 5 minutes. And if there no wind, the 26M is fast enough to pull a waterskier under power. Price: $17,999 (sailaway, FOB Costa Mesa, CA).

MacGregor 26 Homepage, tel. 949-642-6830

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