6 years ago

Marine Consignment Store Franchise


Sucessful Store in Beaufort looking to expand. You can start and own your own Business, but we provide you with Initial Consignment to stock your shelves with enough to bring back even your first Customers. Ours has been so successful, we are overstocked. All Items are ours, free & clear, aquired through Buy-Outs from our Oldest Consigners. We will be the Consignor, and You the Consignee. We provide a Business Plan, so you can avoid the mistakes we made, and learned from.You benefit from Joint Advertising, Customer Lists,Sharing a Website, and E-Bay Store. etc .Must meet our requirements for Location ,Experience, and , and a few other items.

Call Capt.Ed at 252-772-5088

Listing ID: 26054

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