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SAILBOAT Trailer- heavy duty steel for 28′ x 9+ x draft to 4′


**Sailboat Trailer-Heavy Duty Steel Boat Trailer, Flatbed Trailer**
Constructed of 5 x 3 1/2 x 5/16″ angle iron stamped Bethlehem steel= the good stuff
Fresh paint finish Rust-oleum Hammerite
6 adjustable pads ¾ plywood on 1 all thread that currently gives you 4 of adjustability or install longer threaded rod to suit your draft
Aft 2 pads stands were removed to get a boat off trailer, the stands can be
re-welded in the same position or re-configured to suit your needs
Four 205 / 75 / 15 load range C trailer tires in excellent condition (still has the nubs on them)
2 extra hubs in place, yes you could make it a six wheeled trailer or consider those hubs as emergency parts if needed.
New LED lights with 14 gauge wire ( not the cheesy Harbor Freight 18 gauge wire)
Swing up tongue jack. Very rugged.

Trailer was carrying a 23 ft sailboat weighing 7800 lbs with a 3 ft draft with ease.
The trailer itself is 21.5′ long x 7.2′ wide
so it can hold a sailboat 27’+ long x 9’+ wide x 4′ draft,

For deeper draft sailboat add longer all thread rods or weld on longer tubes
Take all the stands off and you have a heavy duty flatbed trailer
Call Tim 7am œ 9pm (727) 403-9900

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