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**Sightseer Marine LLC specializes in Custom Built Aluminum Catamaran**

Sightseer Marine

**Sightseer Marine LLC**

Specializes in Custom Built Aluminum Catamaran styled Boats. We have been manufacturing these boats since 1998 under the Fiesta brand, but due to the very custom nature and styles of these boats, it was decided to separate from the recreational business that is Fiesta thus Sightseer Marine LLC was created.

As a water taxi, a dive/snorkel vessel, for Encounters with various forms of marine life… or simply to visit an unspoiled island to go shelling! Today’s tourist, vacationer, educator, or any other member of the general population wants to do more than just visit an aquarium to see marine wildlife. They want to experience it first hand!
With a custom vessel from Sightseer Marine LLC you will be able to meet and exceed their wishes and boost your profit expectations.

Our passenger vessels are inspected as high-speed catamarans, not to the lower standards of pontoon boat ratings. This allows our vessels to go beyond the waters of lakes, bays, rivers, and other protected water restrictions.

All vessels are manufactured to the U.S. Coast Guard requirement 46CFR, subchapter T. All inspected vessels come with documentation from our naval architect and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, showing maximum speed and wave- height capabilities. Typically 30 knots & 5 ft wave heights

**Sightseer Marine LLC**

All vessels are designed to and meet A.B.Y.C. (American Boat and Yacht) Standards. All boats are built to be used in and around a saltwater environment and for daily use in commercial applications.

All our Hulls are built to the intent of the U.S.C.G. certified Inspections even if not required. We build these boats utilizing the best marine grade aluminum and build them in 5 ft sections to give the end user more design choices in overall length. We also offer these vessels in various widths from 9 ft to 16 ft. So you can see the size is up to you. Do not confuse these vessels with the restrictive protected waters ratings found on round pontoon style boats. Our vessels meet the “Partially Protected (up to 20 miles from safe harbor) rating of the USCG.

Our vessels are in use throughout the USA and the Caribbean. From the waters of Ketchikan, Alaska to the Turks & Cakos, from the City of Miami to the City of Milwaukee, These boats and vessels are used in a variety of ways with various and far reaching applications. Some typical applications include: Eco-tours, Water Taxi, Dive & Snorkel head boat, Passenger Ferry, Shuttle craft, Dinner cruise, research vessels, as well as work platforms & barges. We even have a 45 ft x 16 ft tri-hull design that is operating as a self-propelled illuminated full spectrum LED projection screen in Baltimore harbor. The limitations are only your imagination.

**Sightseer Marine LLC specializes in Custom Built Aluminum Catamaran**

Please review the information on our site then contact us with all your questions.

Carl Morahan

Vice President

**Give us a call at :**

11016 State Road 52

Hudson, Florida 34669

Phone: 727 856 6900

Fax: 727 857 0329


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