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SOLOVELA Sailboat Fenders from HappyCove.com


SOLOVELA is no ordinary fender and we are the first dealer to make it available in the US.
Two years of computer aided design and on board testing by Ocean Innovative Marine Accessories of Italy and distribution via Lalizas of Greece, bring us a unique fender designed specifically for sailboats. The SOLOVELA fender is finally available in the U.S. from HappyCove.com, but it’s more than just a fender.
SOLOVELA is made from light-weight closed cell polyethylene so it will never deflate, will last for years, and has a large surface area for even load distribution. It’s designed to hang from lifelines when not in use, so it requires no stowage space, plus it is deployed and retrieved quickly with no resetting or adjusting of fender lines. Turn it to the inside of your lifelines and the large flat surface makes a perfect back rest that provides far more support than typical tiny lifeline cushions. You can also drop it into position where the flat top and reinforced line tube make it a perfect boarding step that can lower the risk of injury. SOLOVELA comes with a UV resistant, 100% polyester, replaceable zip on cover that is available in two colors (navy blue or sand), plus it includes a white polyester fender line.
HappyCove.com is a small company that specializes in unique, innovative marine products that are often overlooked by other marine retailers and SOLOVELA fits perfectly into our product line, because it’s no ordinary fender.

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