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South Florida Fishing Report


May 8

NOAA Weather is predicting winds to be out of the north to northwest at 10 to 15 knots late Friday before switching to east at 5 to 10 knots through Sunday. Could be a great offshore fishing weekend but don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Pompano Beach, Port Everglades, Haulover, Government Cut to Ocean Reef

Tarpon are still hanging out around the ocean inlets from Port Everglades to Government Cut. The tarpon seem to be a bit more finicky than normal. A medium size live crab is your best bet for the tarpon. Offshore fishermen should look for large dolphins to be chasing schools of flying fish and ballyhoo in depths from 300 feet of water out to 1000 feet of water. These fish are heading south quick but can be located under frigate birds. The biggest challenge is trying to catch up to these fish so you can troll a ballyhoo by their noises or so you can get close enough to pitch a live baitfish to the fish. If you get lucky these dolphins have been in 10 to 30 plus pound range! Closer in blackfin tuna are biting live baits and vertical jigs and there has been some large kingfish along the outer reef as well. Over the wrecks and ledges big mutton snappers, amberjacks and groupers are biting. Best baits have been large pinfish. At night there has been a mixed bag of snappers and a few kingfish. High tide at Government Cut Friday night will be at 9:31.

North Biscayne Bay Inshore

Sea trout continue to be scattered throughout the Bay. The last ones my clients caught in North Bay ate live pilchards and soft plastics attached to a Hookup lure jig head. These fish were over 16 inches and when cleaned had no roe in them. Big schools of mullet are attracting hungry big tarpon in North Bay. The tarpon have been active in the mornings. Snook are congregating around the ocean Inlets and have been active at night.

South Biscayne Bay

Bonefish have been scarce as well as permits in South Bay. Some big sharks have been feeding on the flats around Key Biscayne. In the finger channels a few under size mutton snappers and yellowjacks are biting. On the western shorelines of South Bay my clients had a field day with ladyfish to three pounds, jack crevalles to seven pounds and sea trout to 19 inches. These fish were caught on live pilchards fished under a Cajun Thunder float and with Hookup lure jig heads tipped with a soft plastic. Big tarpon have been holding along the Key Biscayne bridges on the outgoing tides. High tide at Soldier Key on Saturday will be at 11:24 in the morning.


The word is that tarpon are thick on the outside waters and inside waters of Flamingo. The tarpon are responding to live crabs, mullet, pinfish, artificial flies and plugs. Snook are schooling up in their normal locations when they prepare to spawn. The snook are feeding on soft plastics, live pilchards and pinfish. Sea trout continue to be available over the grass flats outside of the Flamingo marina and along the coast from Little Sable Creek north to the Lostman’s River. Offshore tripletail, cobia and permits are available. Low tide at Flamingo in Florida Bay on Saturday will be at 11:26 AM and at the mouth of Shark River low tide is at 9:02 AM.

Read more: http://www.floridasportsman.com/2016/05/05/south-florida-weekend-fishing-4cast/#ixzz48ALtSi12

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