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7 years ago

Vero Beach Fishing Report by Quinn Hiaasen


Snook fishing has started to improve as water temperatures have started to warm. Areas from Stewart all the way up to Capt. Hiram and beyond have been yielding big snook. They are being caught on everything from flies, live bait, and even dead bait and lures.

One tip to find these snook and other fish is to be on the lookout for dolphin pods disturbing the surface. If you see these pods near mangroves, it is very possible that they have pushed big trout and snook right up against the mangroves. You must approach these fish quietly, as they were just being harassed by another large animal, and might be spooky.


Land-based shark fishing in Vero Beach also makes for a ton of action. The waters off of the beaches seem to be more active from January to April.

Deploying your bait involves using a large conventional reel, and padding out in a kayak to drop the bait. This is the most effective and strategic way to get your bait in the water.

Bait for shark fishing can be caught on several lures, but the most popular is the spoon. The bright and fast action a spoon provides is enticing to jack crevalle and mackerel, both of which are prime shark baits, dead or alive.


If you are looking to hook into the most powerful predator in the sea, Vero Beach is home to some of the most experienced land based shark fisherman on the East Coast of Florida. With over 100 sharks caught just last year, it is not hard to say that they will produce.

These fisherman, with over 18 years of experience of shark fishing, take the safety of you and the fish as their number one priority. All of the tackle used is designed to be minimally invasive to the environment, the fish itself.
Land-based shark fishing can provide a unique and personal look one of the oceans most successful predators.

**To find out more** about the Vero Beach Fight Club for land-based shark fishing, click on the link below. Experience it for yourself, and book a trip today.

[Vero Beach Fight Club: Land-Based Shark Fishing][1]

[1]: http://www.fightclub-landbasedsharkfishing.com/index.htm

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