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6 years ago

What’s that smell and where is it coming from?


The Clean Air FLO system is an active continuous duty ventilation system designed to eliminate below deck odors, stale air and to control moisture and mildew buildup directly from the source within any marine vessel. The system utilizes a continuous duty, ultra quiet, long life, marine certified in-line blower motor along with a specially designed intake manifold which allows multiple small vacuum ventilation lines to be run throughout the vessel to all problem areas. From the holding tank and bilge areas, or any other enclosed compartments throughout the boat, the system adds ventilation where none existed before. It continuously vacuums up odors and stale air and then ventilates them overboard directly from their source. Due to continuous ventilation, the system also minimizes moisture and mil-dew buildup.
The Clean Air FLO system is easy for any marine professional or do-it-yourselfer to install. The in-line blower is mounted and the overboard exhaust hose is run to an existing or newly added vent. The vacuum ventilation lines are then run to all problem areas.
Odors, stale air, moisture and mildew can often be an issue inside the confined spaces of any marine vessel. Following numerous installations on different sizes and types of boats, it is clear that the Clean Air FLO system greatly improves the overall enjoyment of any boating experience.

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