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Boaters’ floating binoculars on sale



7x50FYC floating binoculars with internal compass and instant focus
As light as 1.8 pound, it floats on water.
Its instant focus helps boaters to find the target quickly and easily with only one hand holding.
With gas filled, there is no moisture inside and the lenses will not get fogged up when the temprature changes from a warm cabin to a cold area outside.
Its complete sealed body makes it water proof.
7 power with a big view as wide as 396ft at 1000yds makes it more stable than other hand-held binoculars.
High quality BAK4 prisms gathering pretty much light enable users to see in dim light.
Its internal compass with range finder tells you the directions and bearings.
Ajustable eye cups enable users to use with glasses on.
Comes with carrying case, lens covers and padded strap.

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