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Digital Paintings by BobTravelstead.com

Digital Art

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Growing up in Orlando, Florida, an avid fisherman, outdoorsman, diver and environmentalist, I have a fascination with the natural world, the majesty of God’s creation, and depicting that in art.

The renown wildlife artists Robert Bateman, Guy Harvey and Wyland are some of my heroes from my early life portraying our planet in unique ways and depicting in great detail birds, animals and marine life in natural landscapes. I have been greatly influenced by Steve Harlan’s marine landscapes and use of color, digital media and his illustration of the mechanical world of boats, cars, etc.

My career path took me into the related field of architecture.

Retired now, I was a senior architect at Walt Disney World working with many talented people. Retirement gives me the opportunity to pursue my early love of artwork.

My aim is to produce art that colorfully represents a unique view of the natural world and of technical creations that are inspirational and pleasing.

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