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Free Anchorage & Navigation Information Shared by Mariners

We are hereby inviting you to join a free & global maritime website called [goodanchorage.com][1]

Thanks to the latest in crowd-sourcing technology, mariners around the globe can share their anchorages, view weather, stay on top of official regulations, recommend local services, facilities, & effortlessly navigate unfamiliar countries.

[**Good Anchorage**][2] provides via Crowd Sourcing from mariners, exact anchorage coordinates including all-important depth, charts, images & visual aids, waypoints integrated with **72-hour weather forecasts**, wind & swell protection, latest local news, customs & immigration procedures, with new features added weekly for provisioning, fuel, boat parts, restaurants, events & cultural activities. Anchorage sites are quality-controlled by Good Anchorage experts who live in each maritime community & are likewise continuously updated by mariners who visit the site to both share & verify data & add new anchorages.

Not only is this sharing service [**FREE to mariners**][3] but Good Anchorage is allowing users that have a business, agency, a marina or shipyard, to choose their business name, URL or blog address as their user name, effectively creating a free advert for each anchorage that they enter. For every new anchorage provided by a user they get the “Claimed By recognition against their user name. Vessels must use both Marinas, Ports, Shipyards & Anchorages so it makes sense for a Marina, Agent or Marine Company to share anchorages that surround or are on route to their business to inform vessels who they are within their area. It becomes a win, win for providing quality local information that is needed, increasing branding & driving traffic to your own door.

Good Anchorage is a leading niche innovator of Maritime information technologies, specializing in sharing live, accurate anchorage data, weather, local news & service information for vessels, yachts, motor & sail boats around the globe. The company launches globally with anchorages from Antarctica to Greenland, USA to Australia & everything in between, with the goal to provide 50,000 certified anchorages covering all maritime nations by 2018.

We are now the Fastest Growing Global Maritime Crowd Sourcing Resource and won [**“website of the week**][4] from Cruising Compass .

**The Good Anchorage website is Free to Mariners.**

[**JOIN NOW**][5]

[1]: http://www.goodanchorage.com/
[2]: http://www.goodanchorage.com/
[3]: http://www.goodanchorage.com/
[4]: http://www.goodanchorage.com/
[5]: http://www.goodanchorage.com/

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