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Hydraulic and Mechanical Dredging Services Provided DOCTOR DREDGE



Hydraulic and Mechanical Dredging Services Provided.

Doctor Dredge, LLC specializes in underwater excavation projects throughout the Southeastern United States, covering the states of Alabama, Georgia and  Florida. Founded in 2006, Doctor Dredge provides both Mechanical and Hydraulic Dredging Services. We handle projects ranging from 500 to 1,000,000 Cubic Yards using the latest technology and environmentally friendly processes and methods. We offer free onsite estimates. Doctor Dredge takes care of all project phases, from permitting, surveying and complete planning/methodology to final disposition of dredged material. Call us today to take advantage of Doctor Dredge’s experience and have us put together a complete dredging project for you!

Hydraulic Dredging

The term “hydraulic” in dredging services refers to the adding of water to dredged material. This method employs submersible pumps, which agitate material, thereby creating a consistent “slurry” of sediment and water (hydro). This slurry can be efficiently pumped long distances through pipe. Characterized by its minimal environmental impact, Hydraulic Dredging is the method preferred by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Doctor Dredge has always focused on portable dredges. These are small, floating platforms with submersible pumps that directly contact and agitate material for removal. We specialize in portable dredges because they cause minimal disruption to the aquatic environment, which means optimal results for our customers, their neighbors and wildlife. Our mission is to improve the use of waterways and restore aquatic habitats by eradicating destructive sediment build up, while minimizing disruption to residents and ecosystems throughout the process.


Mechanical Dredging

Mechanical Dredging is a time-tested, traditional dredging method. This process utilizes long reach excavators or cranes, which are placed upon barges that are capable of holding and transporting material to shoreline locations. Once transported to shoreline locations, material is offloaded into trucks and removed for final disposition. This method is best suited for projects where dredged material has a high moisture content. It’s also ideal for projects in highly developed locations. Doctor Dredge can rapidly expedite the permitting process for Mechanical Dredging projects in most cases.



Doctor Dredge utilizes Geotextile Tubes to separate water from solids in slurry. Geotextile Tubes are large slurry dewatering bags (or geo-containers) that are constructed of high strength geotextiles. Significantly larger and stronger than traditional dewatering bags, our Geotextile Tubes allow for safe and seamless removal of superior amounts of sludge and silt. This eliminates the waste that results from excessive dewatering bag replacement. To expedite the final phase of the dewatering process, we utilize environmentally safe and efficient coagulants called Polymers.

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