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7 years ago

Light up your Dock and Seawall with our Underwater Fish Lights

Create an incredible atmosphere for your dock, sea wall, lake or pond, with our green glow dock light. The bright self-cleaning underwater dock lights. Simple plug and play systems with many choices up to 21,000 Lumens. Unlike LED you will never be required to pull this light out of the water and clean it. This is a maintenance free bulb! LED will not work as a permanent lighting system in Salt or Fresh water. In saltwater barnacles will cover the LED in a matter of a few weeks!

Visit us at http://www.greenglowdocklight.com » » for all the different sizes of our underwater fish light systems. All orders ship out by the next business day. Free shipping on all orders!

*30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not impressed return it!
*Brightest Underwater Self Cleaning Light (21k lumens) -WOW!
*Incredible Ambiance
*Salt & Fresh Water Approved
*Super Easy Installation, we supply you with everything needed.
*Strong and Energy Efficient bulbs.

Also, check out our YouTube pages to see our lights in action. Watch Now! https://youtu.be/fVw_wWo_7Wc » » https://youtu.be/JqUwgN2sCAA » »

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