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6 years ago

LS Marine!!! Buffing/Waxing/Stain and Oxidation Removal **Serving all miami dade**


************Please call Lance at (786) 547-4629 for a free estimate***************



Maintenance on the hull has been kept up (has been waxed within the last few months) Still has somewhat of a shine and does not require compounding, its $5-$8 per FT Interior/Exterior. One coat of wax on the hull as well as the services listed below

Hull has been buffed/waxed over the past 6 months and is just a little dull. slight oxidation. Will require a 2 step: compound and Protective wax, It’s $9-$12 per FT. Interior/Exterior

Hull has been last waxed 6 months to a year ago and shows signs of heavy oxidation. Will require a three step: Compound, Cleaning Wax, and Protective Wax, its $12- $15 per FT including interior and exterior.


Hull polish: $10 PER FT!!!!!!
– includes interior scrubbed down, all compartments cleaned, stainless cleaned and protected
– Hull ( from waterline up) polished with up two coats of wax

******** All quotes reflect the overall condition of the hull************

Services we provide:

High speed polishing



Acid Washing

Stain removal

Oxidation Removal

Stainless polish and protected

Deck cleaning with bleach

(if outboard) wash and wax

Mildew removal from deck and cushions

Clean awl-grip

All glass polished and rain-xed

Please call, Text, or E-mail me anytime at (786) 547-4629


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