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Sail Repair Fort Myers ..We specialize in sail repair.


We specialize in sail repair. Our loft features a specialized machine manufactured in West Germany capable of sewing zigzag 138/207 polyester Heminway/Bartlet thread through 15 layers of 8 oz. Kevlar/Dacron with 1″ tubular webbing. Big boat stuff!

Why 138 size thread? Yes, some “canvas/sail lofts” will say 92 thread has nearly the same strength as 138. However, as sailors, we are also concerned with chafe and longevity. With exception of light duty sails, most sails are manufactured with 138, the industry standard.

Owner Kurt Martin was fortunate to have honed his skills in two of the countries premiere sailing/racing locations. He was born and raised in Milford Connecticut, the headquarters of North Sails. Working at North Sails, Kurt gained diverse experience in various aspects of the sail industry from Grand Prix America’s cup sails to one-design. He later moved to the renowned sailing capital, Annapolis Maryland. There, Kurt gained further experience as Service Manager with Sobstad Sail Loft (now known as Quantum). Kurt holds a Sailing Instructor Certification from US Sailing and is a licensed Captain through the US Coast Guard. When he is not repairing sails, he enjoys being on the water and teaching and sharing his love of sailing and boating with others.

Contact us today! We are here for you!

By Phone at 239 – 691 – 4769

visit us at : http://www.sailrepairfortmyers.com

Re-stitching as needed – starting at $25 up to “I want it all restitched”

Repairs as needed – starting at $35 to “I think you need a new sail”

UV covers replaced – starting at $6 – $8 per foot, depending on material
Reefs added: 18′ to 30′ – $135 / 31′ to 45′ – $195 / 46′ to 60′ – $245
Luff conversion #6 tape $3 per foot, other sizes available
Replace windows – starting at $85 average size
Repair batten pockets / Velcro starting at $35
Spreader patches starting at $45
Recuts (custom fit sails for your boat) starting at $75
Race recuts (Want to go faster? We may be able to help)
Windsurfer sail repairs starting at $20

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