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San Diego Hull Cleaning Divers

Now Offering Discounts

for 1 year contracts, Active

Duty Military and Veterans

Professional hull cleaning and dive services from San Diego Hull Divers.

Choose the very best divers in the business ! We have been diving for over 2 decades on ships, yachts, platforms
and our experience ranges from Navy and Marine Corps divers to Commercial divers and Master Divers.

Trust your
investment to the best. We have an awesome reputation for producing the best results at a great price.

Visit us at ; www.sandiegohulldivers.com/  and like us on Facebook


Some services include the following:

Hull Cleaning Services Propeller Installation, Repair and Polishing Zinc Replacement Search and

Recovery of Lost Items Hull Inspections & Damage Surveys
 Underwater Video & Photography

Pre-Purchase Inspections 24 HOUR ON CALL EMERGENCY SERVICE and many other services available



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