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Superlight kayaks are built for easy use


Our kayaks are built for ease of use. They are straight tracking, stable, maneuverable, easy to get in and out of and very light weight.
We have been building light weight wood epoxy boats for years. They can be viewed at www.woodenboathouse.com. I designed these kayaks for my mother. She is seventy five years old and could no longer load her kayak on her car. That would not do, so I set about the task of making an ultra light weight kayak. Now she can go whenever she wants!

Touring Kayaks
We build one kayak at a time right here in the USA.

They are hand made from the finest materials available. The core is formed from three layers of Architectural Grade Hardwood Veneer vacuum laminated under 1,700 lbs of pressure per square foot using West Systems Epoxy. The vacuum evacuates the air from inside the cells of the wood and infuses it with epoxy making it completely water proof. Next they are covered inside and out with 6 oz. fiberglass cloth and epoxy. The cloth is doubled layered on the bottom, inside and out for strength and impact resistance. Then we paint them with the highest grade three part linear urethane available. Our kayaks are made to last for decades!

Care for your kayak just like a car simply wash and wax.

see on the web : http://superlighttouringkayaks.com/index.html

Contact Us
Steven Hirsh
Wooden Boat House
5595 New Jersey Ave.
De Leon Springs, Fl. 32130
Phone: 484-336-8006

Paul Wagner
Wooden Boat House
2374 Seipstown Rd.
Fogelsville, Pa. 18051
Phone: 610-442-8200

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