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The Thompson’s family tree can be traced to the Bahamas original colony in Eleuthera and to Hope Town’s founder, Wyannie Malone. The Bahamas first House of Assembly on November 12, 1721 included three Thompsons. William Thompson, Sr. (Chris’s great, great, great grandfather) was appointed to represent Harbour Island by the King of England (Abaco was just a pirate haven – no official settlement until 1785).

Chris’ father, Leonard M. Thompson, was also drawn to public service and was elected as a member of the House of Assembly from 1949 to 1968. “Captain Thompson” as he was fondly known as, was a pioneer in The Bahamas’ aviation, as well as developing the Out Islands, particularly Abaco. Captain Leonard Thompson bought Sand Banks, over 1,000 acres of ocean front land and developed a marina, golf course, hotel and villa complex. He discovered the beautiful beach when he and his mother traveled from Hope Town by sailboat, then walked across the mainland to meet his father who captained a three-mast- schooner to Jacksonville, Fl, Savannah, GA and New York. He renamed the development Treasure Cay as he and his brother, Roscoe, successfully salvaged treasure in the area. Chris shared similar dreams as his father and has developed his island home, along with successfully developing private islands as well as resorts on Elbow Cay – Hope Town Hideaways, Resort and Villas.

Leonard’s dream was to one day build a Hope Town resort on the “other shore.” As a boy he gathered wood from the lovely sloping land just south of the lighthouse. In the 1960’s he built a ramp and a rainwater tank and a shed for tools and supplies but…life got in the way. Leonard decided to give his children their inheritance while he and Mary were alive and kicking, allowing them to watch the “children” enjoy it. Chris’ piece was the Hope Town “other shore.”

After excelling in academics and athletics at Florida Air Academy, Chris pursued a business degree at the University of Central Florida. In 1982 he met fellow student and eventually “bride”, Peggy Biggs. Chris became a commercial pilot in 1987. The young couple started a charter airline company, a resort, real estate business and a family, not necessarily in order of importance.

Peggy Biggs was a natural hostess throwing her first dinner party at age nine. After graduation she was an account executive for one of the largest Marketing Agencies specializing in the hospitality industry Robinson, Yeswich & Peppperdine (currently RY&B) where she learned, marketing and PR under Peter C.Yeswich. Prominently handling public relations for such accounts as Stouffer Grand Beach Resort in St. Thomas, La Costa Spa in Carlsbad, Ca., Wyndham properties throughout The Bahamas and Stouffer Orlando Resort she organized press trips, wrote media kits, developed and published press releases and handled all charity events. She organized a Jazz festival in St. Thomas featuring Dizzy Gilespie, Miles Davis and major media. Eventually promoted to Media Liaison she tracked all the editorial schedules for consumer, travel trade publications as well as newspapers and television programs to ensure clients were offered maximum exposure. All of this background helped her in building a name for Hope Town Hideaways.

Chris is a licensed broker and has been in the real estate business since returning from university. He successfully spearheaded Elbow Cay’s dune restoration after Hurricane Floyd. He is a member of the Abaco Rage sailing syndicate, Hope Town Community Pool Committee, Bahamas Real Estate Association, Abaco Chamber Commerce, Bahamas Out Island Promotion Board and Bahamas Hotel Association. He was appointed to the licensing board of Central Abaco by the Prime Minister and represented the Bahamas in several Sunfish World Championship Races. He developed a 55 acre private island, Matt Lowe’s Cay and Chris’s most recent project Firefly Sunset Resort. Chris’ latest project is developing Matt Lowe’s Cay, a 55-acre private island.

He lives in “Upalong” on Back St. in Hope Town, Elbow Cay with his wife Peggy, daughters Jade 21, Shannon 17 and son Dylan 15. Jade graduated the prestigious Madeira School in McLean, Va., where she interned at Georgetown University Medical Center and clerked for a Senator. She loves the opportunities in the U.S. but really appreciates her island lifestyle. She is a senior at Randolph Macon in VA and plans to attend Law School in the UK upon graduating. Shannon is a senior at the Stevenson School in Pebble Beach CA. She will be spending 6 weeks in Spain over the summer before entering the university for Pre-Med. Dylan also attends the Stevenson School in Pebble Beach Ca, where he plays football for the Pirates and surfs on the weekends.

“Abaco is the best place in the world to raise children,” claims Chris. “It’s a perfect place to be for kids of all ages. I truly believe you retain your youth in Abaco, I still enjoy sailing, surfing, spear fishing, and any kind of fishing.”

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