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Like Sikorsky’s VS-300 helicopter, the Wright Brothers Flyer and Henry Ford’s Model T, the Hyper-Sub is one of those rare and historic concepts that has the ability to significantly change the world by correcting the limitations that have always prevented mankind from being able to access the sub sea environment quickly, easily (and most importantly) affordably.

As with the aforementioned machines, the Hyper-Sub provides very straight forward solutions that have always limited mankind’s access to the sub sea environment by providing massive improvements in deployment convenience, deployment safety and deployment costs while also providing a platform that can be used for many different purposes.

The historical parallels are uncanny but don’t take our word for it. The words used to describe the Hyper-Sub’s potential by the world’s leading militaries, defense contractors and naval architects are “It’s a global game changer” and “massively disruptive”
Marion Hyper-Submersibles Powerboat Design LLC (“the company”) is a Florida limited liability company which was formed February 2, 2005, to build the first practical use mini-submarine. Our primary founder and acting CEO, Reynolds Marion, began developing the concept some 30 years ago.

Though under construction (and perhaps poorly edited from time to time), the purpose of this site is to relay both historical information about the Company and its current focus.

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