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Welcome to Marina Electrical Equipment


**Highest Quality Weatherproof Electrical Equipment**

We offer complimentary electrical layout and design services ; **Phone toll-free:** 855-258-3939

To help our customers select the most cost-effective size ad type of equipment for their specific application, and we can provide all of the wire/cable and additional distribution gear to provide a turn-key project.

**Harbor Light SS**

* Polycarbonate and stainless steel models

* 40% less dock space

* Large, flush-mounted access panels

* Pivoting receptacle and breaker assembly for easy maintenance (patent pending)

* 40% larger receptacle and breaker area than leading competitor

* Downward 360 degree lighting with back-lit faceplate

* Affordable 4W, 370 Lumen LED lighting upgrade available

* Hidden photocell

* Hidden mounting bolts and base

* ADA-COmpliant receptacle and hose bib height


* Fits standard dock boxes

* Pivoting receptacle and breaker assembly

* Receptacles and breakers mounted on top of faceplate to reduce failures from splashing water

* Affordable 4W, 370 Lumen LED lighting upgrade available

* Easy-read dual meter output

* Capable of serving two slips

**GTX Unit Substation** (patent pending)

* Higher energy-efficiency with 50% lower power losses

* Operates 70 degrees C cooler

* 40% lighter, requiring less flotation (avg. 500 lbs.)

* 40% smaller footprint, requiring less dock space

* 316L stainless steel housing construction

* Superior 2-part polyurethane coating means no irreparable powder coat claking or chipping

**IIM Smart Monitor** (patent pending)

*Highly accurate solid-state electric monitor for kWh consumption

* Optional on-board Ground Fault Monitor which detects and reports dangerous current leakage at **each boat**

* Optional on-board wireless reading and reporting capability

**Marina Electrical Equipment, Inc.**

100 Warwick Court

Williamsburg, VA 23187

**Phone toll-free:** 1-855-258-3939

Fax: 757-258-3988

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