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A1A YACHT BROKERS, St. Augustine, FL and Fort Lauderdale, FL

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**We have the finest reputation** in the area for honesty and integrity.
Rated 5 stars by the.  IMA  International Marine Association and International Yacht Brokers Association.

**We deal with over 400 brokerage houses** and with hundreds of buyers and sellers who have trusted us repeatedly over the years. Our top-notch staff at A1A Yacht Brokers, Inc., have been doing business in St. Augustine and throughout Florida for over 25 years
Our location is very convenient to our boating client¨le, buyers and sellers alike, with the St. Augustine Inlet only minutes away from our office.

**A1A Yacht Brokers, Inc.** currently has many boats and yachts available for sale. Overall, using A1A Yacht Brokers, Inc. as your central brokerage firm saves you money and time while ensuring a professional and effective transaction. Our many years of experience and our proven track record is well documented. We look forward to sending you a list of our satisfied clients.

1991 Hatteras 70 Cockpit Motoryacht



**Getting Ready to Sell**

**Once you have made the decision to sell your boat**, it time to step back and see it as a “Boat for Sale. Looking at your boat through the eyes of a buyer will help you prepare for a successful sale.
Be sure to check with your Broker first for advice on creating a plan to sell your boat. He, or she, will direct your energies to what is important to the buyers in your market. Your Broker will help you develop a checklist to organize what needs to be done.

**Preparing your boat for sale** doesnt need to be expensive or time consuming. There are small touches that pay big dividends. These details will make your boat memorable to prospective buyers.
First Impressions are Important

**Stand across the dock from your boat and review** it “Dock Appeal. Determine what you can do to improve that first impression. Refer to your checklist to set up a “to do list. Remember to think like a buyer and have a critical eye.
Steps to a Successful Sale

**Uncluttering makes your cabins look larger and feel neater**. By removing and storing things you dont need, you create a roomy comfortable feeling for prospective buyers.
Cleaning creates the impression of a well-cared for boat. Be sure every cabin smells as good as it looks, paying special attention to the head, and the galley. Fresh paint and a one-time professional cleaning will make your boat more appealing.

**Repairing eliminates objections before they arise.** If you think something is too much trouble to fix, chances are a buyer will feel the same way. Buyers tend to think repairs cot more than they really do.
Detailing makes every part of your boat special. Since it is competing with every other boat on the market, you need to make it stand out. Small touches make a big difference.

**Showing your boat is the last step**. Identify jobs that need to be done for each showing to make this quick and easy . Plan some activity to be away from the boat during showings.

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