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Barrier Islands Blasting LLC Call at : (843) 408-4606

**There’s a new way to strip paint and coatings..**.

Barrier Islands Blasting offers auto restorers, car enthusiasts and body shops the easiest, safest, and most affordable paint removal solution available.

[Contact us today for a free estimate!][1]

**Barrier Islands Blasting LLC** – barrierislandsblasting.com – facebook.com/barrierislandsblasting

With our mobile unit we can have the job done faster and at your own location.

**Gives us a call** and schedule an appointment, we come to you!

**Automobile Restoration:** We are able to safely remove paint, rust, body filler, and undercoating without harming or warping body panels, fenders, and doors…unlike sandblasting and grinding does.

**Motorcycle frames,** wheels, tanks, fenders, and accessories can be stripped to bare metal in preparation for painting or Powder Coating.

**Remove bottom paint** from boats without damaging the gel coat. Also removes marine growth like barnacles and water stains. We can strip boat trailers and wheels to remove the rust and staining caused by immersion in salt water.

**Safely and effectively** strip outboard engine covers and lower units for painting without the damage caused by grinding or sandblasting.

**Remove graffiti** from steel, concrete and brick without destroying the surface.

**Home Restorations** – Paint removal from concrete or brick, epoxy paint from garage floors and driveways, and can even strip your pool deck. Decorative iron gates, metal light fixtures, and more can be blasted in place. Environmentally safe and won’t harm grass, trees, or plants.

**Outdoor furniture** can be blasted and prepared for painting or Powder Coating. Lawn mower decks, lawn tools, wheelbarrows, etc. can all be stripped of their ugly coatings.


– Paint
– Rust
– Build up
– Graffiti
– Chloride
– and MUCH more


We pledge to safely restore your surface while using top of the line technology that is also safe for the environment. The equipment we use is state of the art and uses recycled bottle glass and water to clean and restore your items. You won’t believe your eyes when you see what it will do.

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[1]: http://www.barrierislandsblasting.com/contact.html
[2]: http://www.barrierislandsblasting.com/index.html

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