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We have **over 30 years of experience** in the Marine Industry. **W R Hodgens Marine Insurance, Inc**. provides quotes from the Major A rated Marine Insurance Companies to assure our yacht insurance clients select from the most competitive premium quotes.

**2015 SW 20th Street , Suite 100 , Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315**

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**We Specialize in all forms of Yacht Insurance**

**Our insurance service is rated excellent!**

Yacht Insurance- Worldwide or Local Navigation

Boat Dealers Insurance including Flooring and Commercial General Liability Coverage

Sightseeing and Excursion Vessels

Commercial Vessels

Marinas Insurance including General Liability Insurance

Charter Fleets


**Your satisfaction is our privilege!**

**Insurance for Yacht Owners:**

Marine and Yacht Insurance News

We have 30 years of experience in the marine industry, including a very extensive knowledge of all types of power and sailing vessels. We speak your language!

**All Risk Coverage:**

All risk insurance is a very broad coverage that indemnifies you for any loss or “Peril of the Sea” that is not excluded.

**Agreed Value:**

The value of your vessel is agreed upon at the commencement of the policy, and in the event of a covered total loss, you are paid that amount, less deductible, without any depreciation.

**Protection and Indemnity:**

Provides the most complete liability coverage available, including defense costs, should you be sued for causing personal or property damage to someone other than you or a family member.

**Medical Coverage:**

Pays for medical expenses whenever someone becomes injured while aboard, or getting on or off your vessel.
Personal Property Coverage:

This coverage will cover the loss of fishing equipment, sports equipment, clothing and personal effects owned by you, or a guest aboard your vessel. Some valuables, such as money, jewelry, or valuable papers are excluded.

**Uninsured Boater:**

Many of our policies provide this coverage, which pays for excess medical payments to the insured, if you are injured by a hit and run, uninsured, or underinsured vessel.


If your vessel becomes disabled and you require assistance in gaining a safe harbor, the Commercial towing portion of your policy provides coverage. Most policies include towing coverage.


All policies exclude coverage for damage that results from illegal, fraudulent or intentional acts by the insured, as well as damages caused by war, seizures, or nuclear radiation. They also exclude wear and tear, osmosis damage, and design defects. Some exclusions can be covered by adding endorsements to the policy.

**Your satisfaction is our privilege!**


Yacht Insurance Specialists!

W.R. Hodgens Marine Insurance, Inc.

1425 South Andrews Ave Suite 250
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316
Ph: 954-523-6867 · Fax: 954-523-6488
Toll Free USA: 800-990-WAVE (9283)

(954) 523-6867

(800) 990-WAVE

(954) 523-6488 Fax


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