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7 years ago

BOAT DOCK NEED REPAIRS? We flip & resurface deck boards……..

WOOD DECKS TOO!!! We flip boards over/save money on replacement

Call Wolf Construction 704-577-0823 & protect your wood investment today. Days turn into weeks then into months.Your dock will be exposed to the the sun & rain. With no protection your deck will start warping & splitting. Nails or screws will eventually start pulling away.Now you will have costly repairs.OUR REPAIRS INCLUDE 1)Board /rail replacement 2)Flipping boards to opposite side 3)PVC replacement 4)Textured coating removing splinters forever Schedule a free estimate & consultation now & get the best protection for your new deck.We can provide the repairs or wood sealant that will penetrate your wood & guard against the sun’s harmful uv rays yet keep your wood waterproof. Once deck is done we give you a warranty certificate for 3-7 years. CALL TODAY GET $50 OFF ON ALL WOOD DECK PROTECTION SERVICES!!Our wood restoration services include DECKS,BOAT DOCKS,FENCES,GAZEBOS & LOG HOME WE TRAVEL TO YOU TO PROVIDE OUR UNIQUE SERVICE. THERE IS NO DOCK TOO FAR WE WON’T SERVICE!!

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