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Boat Fiberglass Restoration & Maintenance/Detail ocala

Aqua Shine Marine *Call for a free estimate.


Specializing in fiberglass (gelcoat) renewal and maintenance. The Florida elements constantly attack your boat,causing it to oxidize and fade (dull, chalky appearance). Whether your boat needs compounded to return the shine, or waxed to preserve the shine, we have the knowledge and experience to achieve superb end results.

[Wash]- A basic, exterior wash of entire boat from top to bottom.
(monthly/bimonthly plans offered)

[Wax]- In addition to enhancing the shine,wax also seals and protects your
boat from further oxidation. We use high quality marine wax to
ensure best results. We also offer a deck wax if requested.
(topside and/or hull)

[Compound]- Compounding a boat is a labor intensive process
that requires skill and knowledge.We use the correct
compounds and pads to break down the oxidation
and return the shine. (topside and/or hull)

[Sand]- When gelcoat is heavily oxidized,
it may need to be sanded prior to compounding.

[Metal]- Stainless steel and aluminum can
rust & corrode from the weather.
We hand apply marine metal
polish to clean, shine and protect it.

*We can tailor-make any service to fit
your budget and needs.

*We are mobile and will come to you.

*Call for a free estimate.


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