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6 years ago

Boatlift Motor *Universal Fit* AC or DC Available


summit marine

Lift Tech Direct Drive Motor
Fits ANY boat lift that has a wheel. Up to 7,000 pound capacity.
AC 110 Volt (House Current) or DC 12/24 Volt
Manual switch. Installs in 20 minutes or less.

We guarantee that if you replace your wheel with one of our drive motors you will use your boat more.

Two year warranty against manufacture defects on all of our boat lift motors.

Founded in 1989 with one simple concept – Design and manufacture the best hydraulic boat lift on the Market – anywhere. It started with a simplified version of the HL Series Lifts, 3 years earlier in 1986, to lift a 20’ Hydrostream tunnel. It was called the Genesis Sea Lift. Totally portable, clean looking, cable free, entirely hydraulic, fast, and completely powered with a self contained, safe 12 volt battery.

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