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Brownell Boat Stands


Brownell Boat Stands

Over 50 years ago, David “Fred” Brownell revolutionized the way that boats were stored with his invention of the Brownell Boat Stand. The system has proven to be the fastest, safest and most reliable way to store boats out of the water. The unique design of Brownell Boat Stands allows boat yards to store more boats per square foot or meter allowing for maximum utilization of valuable space and increased revenue. Further, the unique stacking and nesting design of the stands allows them to be neatly stored in a compact area when they are not in use.

Brownell Boat Stands’ eye-catching blue and orange products are now widely seen at professional boat yards and marinas around the world. Since 1954, professionals have chosen Brownell for reliability, innovation and customer service.

Why Choose Brownell

The Brownell name has been synonymous with quality and reliability, since 1954. All of our products are made in the USA using American steel. To ensure quality, our components are all made in house with pride, by skilled American craftsmen. Since we invented the boat stand, all of our products are designed and manufactured with the goal of making boat handling more efficient. Brownell Boat Stands are known by professionals to be the best quality ever made. Among the features that have earned this trust are:

Solid steel, acme threaded adjustable rod

Superior welded construction

Stands independently certified as safe to 30,000lbs./13,600kgs.

Sizes to fit virtually any boat

Stores more boats in the yard than any other system

Nest or stack for storage when not in use

Dipped in paint or hot-dip galvanized

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Brownell Boat Stands, Inc.

5 Boat Rock Rd.

PO Box 1207

Mattapoisett, MA 02739 USA

Tel: 508-758-3671

on the web at : http://www.boatstands.com/

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