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6 years ago

Draw, Design, and Oversee The Rigging of Your Boat


**Build yourself a One of a Kind Platform for Whatever Suit’s You…**

Don’t Buy Someone Else’s Headache.. Whether it’s Fishing,,, Diving,,,, Cruising,,, or Just a Party Platform for Your Family & Friend’s…. Professional Marine Services Offered – Mechanical – Electrical – Custom Fiberglass & Composite Construction – Re-Powers Including Gas, Turbine, and Diesel – Custom Electronics Installations – Specializing in the Rigging, Repairs, and Restorations of High Performance Race & Pleasure Boats,, But Not Limited Too … I Have over 25+ years in the Marine Industry. If there’s something that for some reason I can’t help you with, I will gladly send you in the right direction of someone that can…….

Free Consultations……. (Tri County)

. Feel Free to Call Me Anytime…

Chris Roper 954-601-7114

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