5 years ago

Florida Crawfish Lobster Dive Permit for sale or lease.


Hi, I am selling my Florida Dive Permit for 25,000 {I know, a guy on here is selling his for 20,000} or leasing it for 3,000 for the  2018-19 season. My Phone is 561-572-7153 my name is Phil

If your not familiar with this license, I put my Salt Water Products License w/restricted species encorsement on YOUR boat, and you and anyone on your boat can catch up to 250 lobsters a day, and sell them, and you can also sell many other fish that you catch. Not Grouper/Snapper, or Kingfish, or several others but there are fish you can catch and sell with this license. Call me and lets talk.

Also, if you’re trying to get into commercial fishing, this is a way to qualify for your RS, by leasing this license and selling a bunch of Lobster and fish, and I will write you a “crewshare” statement for what you catch, and if it’s over 5000 dollars you will qualify for your RS which means you can THEN BUY a dive permit, or any other permit you qualify for. Just sayin.

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