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7 years ago

Mobile-services Fiberlass – Gel coat and more

Services for dealers, repair yards, also some private owners, .

Fiberglass & Gel coat repairman, mobile services, 35+ years exp. Knowledge as Owner, manager, advisor, and consultant in the marine industry both manufacturing and repair. Consultant for the west coast United States Coast Guard and instructor & teacher for marine and boating safety courses.

**Fiber Specialties Mobile Marine**

See on the Web : www.fiberglass-marine.com

Fiberglass Reformations mobile services

Serving all of Southern California

contact through email with photos for fast online estimate or text me,

I will send you links that make it much quicker and with ease for you. All 100% guaranteed with an outstanding track record.
39 years in the marine business,

Construction, Design, Repairing, Restoring and **much more.**

Since 1970

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