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7 years ago

Need your Boat up on Blocks?…No trailer? Transported? – $1 all Florida

Planning on selling or pulling out of the marina for a while?

No trailer?

Have extensive repairs to complete?

Project Boat? Buying something
that is already on blocks or stands?

No matter what the scenario, without
expensive marina equipment, getting any size boat on or off a trailer to
dry land is no easy task.

If you have never done this before, Don’t risk
having someone injured, or doing damage to your boat or surrounding
property. Hire a veteran boater with the experience and equipment to
get your boat onto dry land where it will sit secure & sound for you
to work on as you desire. We offer basic transports & we can haul &
block boats from dinghy size to 35ft Cabin Cruisers, on your trailer or
ours. You’ve probably seen plenty of backyard & many marina boats
teetering on just a 3 point tri-pod blocking…Not Safe!

We go well beyond just leaving it “standing.” Using 7-9 support stacks,
preventing stress cracking & allowing you to work on or under it with confidence.
You choose what material you wish to have it rest on. You may supply the material
(usually blocks, wood, jack stands,or a combination of all 3) to keep your cost down.
Or you can remain completely hands-off and we will supply the material of your
choice. We can also build the wood crate stands seen in some of the pics which
provide the ultimate sound, solid, safe support for the heaviest of boats!…….

**We can provide you w/verbal instructions to build your own wood stands. or
offer verbal help if your blocking your boat yourself.**…….

Transporting & blocking with 2 brand new trailers for the best rates you will find!

Available on short notice… call 727-544 -9 0 4 0

*Inquiries ok up to midnight

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