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Call Matthew @ 954-882-2567

Over 75% of boats, especially in Florida, contain oxidation ( a white, chalky substance which occurs
from the sun, salt, corrosion of the surface, and lack of maintenance.

Usually oxidation can be avoided by keeping a nice coat of U.V. wax on all fiberglass surfaces.

Oxidation requires removal only by buffing using a hi-speed buffer to create a certain amount of heat and using a high quality marine compound.

So, if you think your boat needs compounding and a fresh coat of wax….Call us today!

We Offer:

Compounding (Cutting/Polishing)

Teflon Sealing


Metal Polishing

Rust stain removal

Mold and Mildew removal

Deck cleaning

Deck Whitening

Seat cushion cleaning

Teak Oiling

Teak restoration

Locker and fish box cleaning
and anything that needs renewing on your boat…..


HULL SIDES WAXING @ ONLY $12/FT.-(wash not included)

Waxing from $16/ft.

Compounding from $18/ft.

Compound /Wax & Teflon sealing from $20/ft.

(boats out of water & 30 ft. and under)

Call us today to schedule your Detail and…. “Start Protecting Your Investment Today”

Call Matthew @ (954) 882-2567

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