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Retractable Mooring Line


We’ve all been there. We are on the dock having fun and someone stumps their toes on a cleat. Or, the lines are everywhere and cause tripping hazards. Or, we dock at a marina and we find that someone has stolen the boat lines…. Furthermore, your friend might not know the correct length and knot to tie up the boat. Not to mention the line has been tangled and mangled from misuse and sun exposure, while coated with algae.

Well, BōT RōP® (Boat Rope) solves these problems with its retractable mooring system. This system replaces traditional three-strand dock lines and toe-stubbing cleats. Inside a rust proof enclosure, the lockable mooring device stores and protects the double braided mooring line and the plastic coated snap hook. Flush to the surface, there is nothing to trip over, thus providing safety while walking on the dock. To help find BōT RōP after dark, a solar-powered LED light is installed on the cover.

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