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Roger’s paintings , “Pale Shades of Summer”

**”Pale Shades of Summer”**

On most of my paintings I try to create three distinct values of light, middle tone, and darks. However at times either the very lights or the very darks can be minimized evoking a soft sense of light in the early morning or late afternoon hours. Such was the case with this painting. Also the colors were kept to a narrow range which helped give a better sense of atmosphere and mood as one color blends in with the colors next to it.

**”Pale Shades of Summer”**

16×20″ oil on board


**Phone** 904-347-0561

To see more of Roger’s paintings visit [PaintingAndTravel.com][1]

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[1]: http://www.bansemer.com/
[2]: http://www.bansemer.com/painting_demonstrations/painting_demonstration_dvd.html

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