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SeaRail 19 is a new and exciting

**The SeaRail 19 is a new and exciting**

**The SeaRail 19 is a new exciting, affordable, light weight, trailerable trimaran** built to cater to a wide range of sailors. Whether it day sailing with your family, resort sailing or camper sailing, the SeaRail 19 an ideal leisure trimaran. If you have the need for speed, however, try sailing this tri aggressively with either friends or single handed. You will be amazed at her phenomenal performance! [Click here to view a video of the SeaRail 19 in action][1] (note that this shows the new larger floats).

**The SeaRail 19 was conceived by Phil Medley who has had 20 years** experience building trimarans at a world leading trailerable trimaran company. In developing the SeaRail 19, Phil worked very closely with world-renowned multihull designer, Nigel Irens from [Nigel Irens Design][2], the Specialists in designing the extraordinary. Nigel has incorporated many of the same advances in hull design and balance that he has used on his larger, record setting, multihulls.

**Nigel Irens design has been combined with Phil ** hands-on knowledge of trailerable trimaran production to create very simple retracting/folding and mast raising/lowering systems. As a result the result the SeaRail 19 can be tranformed from trailering mode to sailing mode, or vice versa, in 15-20 minutes. [Check out this video showing how easy it is to set up a SeaRail 19.][3]

**The design brief for the SeaRail 19** was to create an exciting but affordable trailerable trimaran that would capture the interest of a wide audience. With its high performance-to-cost ratio, the SeaRail 19 will appeal to sailors tiring of slower, less responsive alternatives as well as those completely new to sailing.

call us for more information Or a demo Sail

**Call Don Wigston** at 404-307-9121

on the web at : http://www.windcraft.net/windcraft/

On the Emerald Coast near Destin Fl.

[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFuXB9VJ4XU
[2]: http://www.nigelirens.com
[3]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfaWjO_dFUE

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