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Webasto All of your heating,cooling and Confort needs.

**We create the temperature you need**

**Webasto has been family-owned since its foundation in 1901**. Today we develop and produce convertible- and roofsystems as well as Heating-, Cooling- and Airsystems.

[Enjoy the refreshing feeling of an air-conditioned cabin][1]

Boats are your and our passion. On the open sea the sun heats up your boat quickly. Enjoy the sun outside and keep cool below deck whenever you wish a refreshment. Relax while a Webasto **air-conditioning system** is working for you.

[Air Top air heaters: Compact & powerful!][2]

Within a short time Webasto air heaters generate pleasantly cozy warmth on your boat. Various warm air outlets ensure excellent dehumidification of the vessel. **Air heaters** are particularly suited for sailing and motor boats of up to 45 feet.

[Coolant water heaters: Comfort as you know it at home][3]

Webasto water heaters not only ensure even heat distribution in the boat, but also provide domestic hot water in connection with a water boiler. These heaters can be installed in the engine room with minimum space requirements, and can be easily combined with **Webasto chiller air-conditioners** to form an integrated climate control system.


Extend your boating season

Marine heating solutions

Marine heating solutions

Keep cool on board

Marine cooling solutions

See on the Web : [webasto-marine][5] or **Call 800.866.7866**

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