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Westlawn Institute has trained more practicing boat designers in the world.

**Since 1930, Westlawn Institute** has trained more practicing boat designers than any other institution in the world. We offer various programs that appeal to industry professionals and boating enthusiasts with a range of different experiences and skill sets. Westlawn Institute is a nationally and internationally accredited school, with students from every corner of the globe. All courses are 100% distance learning. Students study from their homes.

Our instructors are available to help you through every step of the way. Instructor support, study guides, books, and other materials are all available via the Internet and mail. Depending on the focus of your study and your individual pace, courses can be completed in a matter of months or years. Tuition is low, with zero-interest monthly payment plans so Westlawn students graduate debt free.

Whether you are a seasoned boatbuilder who is looking to learn design skills, a novice who wants to learn boat design, or anywhere in between there is a course for you. Contact us and learn which program is right for you.

[**Yacht & Boat Design Program**][1]

Take our Yacht & Boat Design Program, a four-module/four-course program for training professional boat designers. This is an intensive program that covers all aspects of boat and yacht design. Graduates of the Yacht & Boat Design Program have gone on to become some of the [most prominent designers][2] in the marine industry.

[**Continuing Education Short Courses**][3]

Take our concise, 6-month distance-learning, continuing-education courses to improve your knowledge of boatbuilding and design, and enhance your marine-industry career. These courses are also ideal to train your employees and improve their skills. Learn about hydrostatics, stability, resistance, speed and powering, fiberglass boat construction, production boatbuilding methods, ergonomics and interior design, hull lines, corrosion, and other pertinent elements for technical boat and yacht design.

[Request Catalog][4] | [Enroll Now][5] | Email: **via the contact form**| Call: 800-832-7430 or 207-747-0088

On the web :

[Westlawn Institute][6]

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