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1974 Edwin Monk PILOTHOUSE TRAWLER, 49′-


**1974 Edwin Monk PILOTHOUSE TRAWLER, 49**

Prior to buying Ciao, I was informed she was launched in 1974. This 49′ Edwin Monk Pilothouse Trawler is a real classic with a very significant history, and is a one of a kind. She was designed by Edwin Monk, the famous boat architect and designer, having been outfitted with premium engines, transmissions, etc., for use by Edwin Monk! But, he passed away in 1973 before the boat was finished and launched.

Ciao was built as a live-a-board cruiser for 2 people with the “captain’s cabin” forward in the bow. A futon in the aft salon makes into a double bed for guests.

The main picture in this ad was taken at Joe Wheeler State Park in December 2012. I stopped there for a few days to avoid stormy weather on the way to Biloxi, MS and to replace the house batteries.

Ciao is priced low to sell more quickly. The selling price is based on the bargain-priced re-sale value of the used onboard machinery, diesel engines, Twin Disc transmissions, Kohler 12 KW diesel generator, bronze antique port lights, bronze props, shafts, electronics, galley equipment, etc. The fully intact, serviceable hull, above and below the waterline, cabin and onboard gear are included at no extra charge!

I need a larger boat for the things I want to do.


She needs some basic exterior TLC just like touching up the exterior of a wood frame house for example (no expert required!) , a little scraping of some peeling paint, sanding, painting, minor patching, sealing and some caulking will do it…some of this work has already been done. There is some minor, superficial rub rail damage (about 2′ long) on the starboard side that was caused at the dock during a strong storm about a year ago. She needs some very minor TLC for the interior, like gluing down some wall paper seams, basic cleaning, some touch-up paint in a few places etc. That’s about it. All of this stuff is easily correctable, being basically aesthetic in nature. A “boat specialist” is not needed for this work. It’s “handy-man” kind of work. Ciao is a functional cruiser/live aboard boat right now, as is.

NOTE: See the option(s) offered below for all of these issues to be remedied for you, before or after the sale, if you do not want to do it yourself. I suggest you complete this work yourself to earn some “sweat equity” in your boat–it’s very rewarding, to say the least. Otherwise, you will need to spend another $2,000 to $5,000 more for the routine bottom cleaning/painting work and the exterior re-painting of the boat hull and cabin above the waterline (unless you choose to do the above waterline work yourself), to make this boat fully aesthetically pleasing again on her exterior.


I acquired her in east TN on the TN River after seeing an advertisement. In December 2012. I set out for Biloxi MS by the TN River then southward down the Tenn-Tom Waterway. I had no problems at all single-handing her through the 20 locks, beginning at Ft. Loudon TN, and the 1,100+ miles of travel thereafter through the waterways. You can set or haul the anchor from the pilothouse too.

This boat maneuvers well in tight quarters and has much more power than is really needed. She is much FASTER than many other “trawler” style boats (if you should be in a hurry at the moment), with good fuel economy, thanks to Mr. Monk. This is an excellent boat to do the “Great Loop”! I think she’s already been around once with a previous owner. We estimate she has about 22,000 miles under her keel based on engine time and her speed capability. Her bridge clearance is 18 feet (due to the mast and dinghy hoist), as is, excluding the VHF antennas. The two VHF marine antennas can be easily laid down when needed. She clears the check list for desirable boats for such trips.

Ciao (Italian for hello and goodbye, pronounced “chow”) won 1st Place Trawler in 2 boat shows in 2004 in Biloxi and Madisonville MS!! I have been using Ciao as my business office and as a live aboard for the past 4 years–a little over 2 of those years here in Biloxi. This boat has been in covered slips most of its life when not on a voyage, as she was when I found her.

She has twin 8V53 “Silver Series” Detroit Diesel engines (424 CI) of about 275 HP each. This is the premium or deluxe model of the 8V53 engine type, which are painted silver with black trim at the factory. They have almost exactly the same cubic displacement as a DD 6-71 engine (426 CI), but can turn higher RPM, so they make more horsepower than a 6-71 engine. Redline is 2950 RPM. Engines run great with NO SMOKE of any color, when hot or cold. NO steam either. These engines idle and run at a steady RPM, no surging, etc. Less than 2000 hours show on Hobbs meter and the engines’ condition show that to be believable. Cruise economically at 1000 to 1600 RPM depending on your timetable to your destination. But this engine type is very tough and higher RPM usage keeps them happy and internally clean. Run them all day long near redline if needed, with attention to oil pressure and water temps. They use Chevron Delo 100 oil which keeps them internally clean, and is specifically made for early Detroit Diesel engines. It is not expensive to buy at all.

The previous owner said he got her up to 21 MPH at full throttle on the TN River. I cruise at 12 to 13 MPH at 1500 RPM. She has an estimated range of 1200 miles at 1000 RPM at about 8 MPH, or about 900 miles at 1500 RPM. She can carry 600 gallons of diesel in (2) 300 gallon tanks aft.

These engines, if reasonably maintained (not over-heated, oil & filters changed as reccommended, etc.), can exceed 12,000+ hours of reliable, economical operation between “in-frame” overhauls! Fully fuctional engine instrumentation (including audible/visual engine alarms) are at the helm including the transmission oil pressure for the Twin Disc MG506 hydraulic transmissions (2.42 to 1 reduction ratio, 4-blade props), and there are digital tachometers for precise engine synchronization. Also exhaust gas temp gauges for the engines and generator are in the pilothouse.

Ciao weighs about 44,000 pounds with full fuel, 130 gallons of water and all my gear. Beam is 14-1/2 ft. with a 4 ft. draft.

For heating there is a thermostat controlled Way-Wolf diesel fueled furnace (a boiler) that heats water to 180 degrees F feeding (3) distribution radiators with 3-speed blowers. Also she has 2 electric wall heaters with blowers and 3 passive electric baseboard heaters installed throughout the boat. Cruise-Air water-cooled AC for keeping cool is onboard too. She has a 12 KW Kohler generator that runs and works great to carry the heavy electric loads when away from shore power, and a 6 KW sine-wave inverter for silent electric power which will support the Way-Wolf heating system and other basic loads when underway without the generator running.

She has a decent size Whirlpool refrigerator/freezer (larger than typical) with a dedicated inverter to run on power from the house batteries, or select shore power/generator. She has dual house water pump systems, one 120VAC and one 12VDC, and dual air compressors, one 120VAC and one 12VDC, to power the very loud “locomotive” horn and the pneumatic windshield wipers.

Also, she has new house and engine start batteries as of December 2012. Has several anchors and an electric anchor windlass remotely operated from the pilothouse, a spare set of bronze props, dual helm Wagner hydraulic steering, (2) VHF radios, hailer, Furuno radar, Garman GPS, Robertson autopilot, (2) depth sounders, a fully equipped electric galley, microwave oven, Splendide washer/dryer, a 10 gallon electric hot water heater, (2) Halon fire suppression systems, one in the engine room and one in the generator/fuel tank room, (6) automatic bilge pumps, has a no-mess engine oil change system that pumps out and filters the engine oil into a 5-gallon oil container so it can be poured into the fuel tanks to be burned as fuel. Get 8 to 10 gallons of free fuel per oil change!

She has bronze through hull fittings, all electrically bonded together to the engines, prop shafts, shaft struts and rudders, etc. to reduce the electrolysis potential. She has a dingy hoist/crane with 4 to 1 ratio purchase for raising or lowering a small boat to and from the cabin roof/sun deck.

The hull below deck is divided into 5 compartments with 4 bulkheads for flooding security if ever holed. Hull framing is on 9″ centers! The hull is in great condition. Port lights are bronze. There is a head with shower in the Captain’s Quarters forward and head in the salon aft where the galley is located. The salon is fitted with a “futon” couch that makes into a double bed. The spacious pilothouse is in-between with a raised floor with steps fore and aft, under which is the engine room.

It’s a turn-key boat deal with bedding, towels, galley ware, dishes, dock fenders, anchors/rode, life jackets, etc. She can travel now. Just update the Coast Guard flares kit, fill her up with fuel, water, food and go. There are many spare parts, several gallons of fresh oil, fuel and oil filters, etc. included also. No TV’s sets are included. No dinghy.

A WOODEN BOAT ! NO problem!

Ciao is made from trees, just like fine furniture, therefore is easy to repair if damaged or to make modifications if wanted. Knowledgeable wood boat owners, as am I, periodically treat their boats inside and out with a mixture of “borates” and other wood protectors dissolved in water (buyer gets the recipe and the garden sprayer). A simple 2 gallon garden sprayer is used to wet down the inside of the hull below deck and the entire exterior. This mixture kills mold and the particular fungi or incects that like to damage wood. No problem!

Saltwater is a natural wood preservative too, but some mollusks related to the clam, called naval shipworms (Teredo navalis) live in the saltwater. Protect your wood boat from this peril by applying a good quality bottom paint on the hull below the waterline every three to five years. It acts as a poison and a barrier coat to the hull to defeat these wood borers. Additionally, a sacrificial “worm shoe” is placed on the keel bottom side to act as bait for the wood borers which is isolated from the keel wood by a tar-coated felt barrier, like a gasket. Basically, it’s just as easy and simple as that to keep a wooden boat healthy and intact from the actions of some seemingly evil sea creatures. No problem!

Ciao had a fresh worm shoe installed along bottom of her full keel length when I last hauled her out and has been treated with borates regularly. Take care of a wood boat and she can out live the owner. This is a fact. The hull bottom (and sides too while you’re at it) can always be fiber glassed over if the “ship worm” thing is too scary for you to think about. But this is not needed, since you know what to do already.


The monthly cost to maintain this boat over a 4 year period, above and below the waterline, is about $75 per month, excluding machinery. The cost to maintain the machinery, including preventative maintenance, is low and is based on usage. Just keep clean oil and 50/50 water/antifreeze coolant in the engines and generator and watch the operating temps, and verify coolant water flowing when operating. Use the proper oil! (Chevron Delo 100 40W for engines and Rotella T 15W40 for generator) Change oil, oil filters and fuel filters in the engines and generator after 150 hours of operation. Keep an eye on the condition of hoses, hose clamps, belts and belt tension–replace when questionable (many spares onboard). Maintain water level in all batteries. Start and run engines and generator at least once a month for a few minutes. That is basically it!

See the 85 year old “Doris Mae” also docked here, a 53′ former fishing boat made from trees which is a testament to wooden boat durability with proper care. She still looks and runs great with her single 6-71 Detroit Diesel 2-stroke engine, but is a pleasure boat now.

###### THE TERMS FOR PRE-PURCHASE HAUL OUT AND INSPECTION OF CIAO If you want to have Ciao hauled out for your personal, pre-purchase inspection below the waterline, pay me $1,900 cash and I will have the boat hauled out at Pitalo’s in Gautier, MS promptly, weather permitting. If you decide to purchase this boat after your inspection, the $1,900 will be applied in full toward the total cost of the bottom job described herein (option #4) for YOUR benefit. BUT, if you fail to complete the purchase transaction of Ciao with full payment of the purchase price stated herein within the 7 free days included for the boat bottom job work on the yard, for ANY REASON after the haul out, you shall forfeit the $1,900 payment.

Otherwise, an alternative to a haul out is to hire a diver and/or you, or your designate, may inspect the boat hull from inside the boat as much as you want, where about 90 % of the hull below the waterline can be viewed from under the removable floor boards. I had her hauled out before I bought her under a similar agreement and I found NO ISSUES to cause alarm or concern.

**OPTION #1**: Keep my boat slip on the MS Sound in Biloxi if you want. A great “gated” location within walking distance to 5 casinos! $392 per month with water and power. Living aboard is OK here. Paid up through April. 2015. Pay on a monthly basis, no lease. Get 6 free passes to the annual boat race, “Smoke ‘N the Sound” as a perk and have the best location for anything else happening on the water in Biloxi, such as boat parades, the annual fireworks displays, etc. You get a key to the security gate that’s locked after dark. You are allowed to make boat repairs here too, no problem. Let me know and its yours.

***OPTION #2***: If you DO NOT want to deal with the TLC stuff mentioned above, I will have it taken care of from the WATERLINE UP for you; including scraping, sanding, caulking, sealing, re-painting the boat’s exterior, exterior teak trim, including the rub rail damage repair; and thoroughly cleaning the interior living space, all for $2,900 more. Then she will look as good as new again. OR, make this a family project and do it all yourself, save $$$. No boat expert needed. The paint and caulking I intend to use are included with the boat at no extra charge.

**OPTION #3**: Add an “in motion” KVH M1TracVision Satellite TV system complete, new-in-the-box (uninstalled) with a Direct TV 12 Volt receiver and the optional dome mounting bracket for $1,700, cost me $2,600, Retails for $2995+. You install. This is well below wholesale price. See a picture of it above.

**OPTION #4** Add a fresh bottom paint job for about $1,900, to include haul out with 4-strap Travel Lift, blocked up and set on stands, bottom and everything below the waterline cleaned/scraped, Trinidad bottom paint applied, rudder and prop shaft zincs replaced and boat put back in the water; includes delivery of the boat to the Pitalo’s Marine yard in Gautier MS (about 30 miles from here by water). The first 7 days on the yard are included in the haul out fee. Thereafter, pay 50 cents per day per foot to Pitalo’s if you should want more time to do other things while she’s out of the water. This yard also allows you to hire your own outside help to work on your boat if you want. Other local yards don’t allow this. However, everything I recognize to be done, included the bottom job, can be finished in the 7 days with good weather cooperating. The bottom job work is a routine boat maintenance issue that must be performed every 3 to 5 years while moored or otherwise kept in saltwater.

**PLEASE NOTE:** The very healthy 8V53 engines, 4 bronze props, diesel generator, dual-helm Wagner hydraulic steering gear, Twin Disc MG506 hydraulic transmissions, bronze fittings, galley equipment, water system, tankage, pumps, etc. are worth much more than my asking price for the complete functioning boat as a whole.

To be clear, this boat is being sold AS IS, WHERE IS, for the FIRM price stated herein, plus any options you may select that are offered herein. She is what she is and that is what I am offering for sale. She’s a whole lot of boat for the money, a very comfortable live aboard and a great cruiser, as is ! A fiberglass, steel or aluminum hulled version of this boat, as equipped, could sell for well over $100,000, but would NOT necessarily be a better boat.

Ciao is free and clear of any debt or lien. The purchase/sale transaction is to be made with CASH payment only, to be exchanged for a notarized bill of sale and cash receipt in the lobby or office of a local bank. No checks of ANY kind will be accepted. This is how I bought and paid for this boat.

**1.251.942.2135 8 AM to 8PM Central Time, 7 days. No texting received !! Call in advance to see this boat.**

**SOMETHING TO CONSIDER:** If you should want EXTRAORDANARY freedom from a dock or boat slip for the long term to save on paying dock/slip fees: Anchor out in protected public waters near shore for free! To make this feasible, add a second set of house batteries, some solar panels, a wind turbine and a couple of the round, low profile, low-cost solar pool heaters to make this boat independent of a dock, and the fees. Plumb the solar pool heaters to the existing hot water heating system for heat in the winter and warm showers year round for free.

These additions and measures primarily eliminate having to run the generator for your daily electric needs, hot water and heating, since you aren’t using shore power. Also consider an “on-demand” electric “warm water heater” as a back-up for warm water production. It draws power only when water is flowing through it. This device is commonly used in schools or restaurants for lavatory use. But the generator is always there if needed in a pinch. I mention this scenario because I have been there and done that with a previous 65’ boat I owned, but sadly it was claimed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. We had a good time and saved a whole lot of $$$$ on dock fees and we greatly enjoyed the privacy too. Ciao is an excellent boat for this configuration. See web addresses below for some equipment sources:





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