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BOAT DOCK LOOKING BAD? We resurface!!!

Boat owners is your boat dock rough with split wood & splinters?! Let us restore without replacing.COMPARE COST>>>> COMPOSITE BOARD REPLACEMENT-from $10-$25 per sq.ft.TEXTURE RESURFACING -$3-$5per sq. ft. Our services include sanding & sealing your dock surface like new.Our specialize sander will smooth out wood that can damage or hurt your feet as you & your kids walk on dock around their boat slip.Once sanded nice & smooth we apply textured wood composite fill laying slivers & split wood flat.Finally we apply solid stain top coat by brush or roller leaving a nice protected coat .Once sealed the wood is protected from the sun uv rays,water & is slip resistant. Allow 24 hours for heavy traffic . Your surface will be resilient to blistering & peeling & will last for years. Email for free on line estimate & info Our specialize service include total wood restoration,dock bumpers,board replacement .CONTACT US NOW BY EMAIL>> WE WILL SEND A SAMPLE BOARD SO YOU SEE & FEEL OUR EXCLUSIVE SERVICE FIRST HAND.

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