5 years ago

Inflatable Paddleboards clearance sale!


Yacht Club SUP has some boards left from FLIBS2018, Need to liquidate! Shipping fees included in price! We include a travel case/backpack for easy transportation, a 3-piece adjustable paddle, pump, patch kit.  Keep in mind these are designer Paddleboards; the only boards on the market with Twin Fins designed to keep the directional glide going. The boards come with a two year limited warranty. Boat nation price $550. (includes shipping) These boards are normally on sale for $749 on our website https://yachtclubsports.com/

Burgee model 10′ x 32″ x 6″ thick. blunt nose wide designed for family fun, beginners, cruising, surfing small waves, all around. available in 3 colors.

Listing ID: 27455

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