7 years ago

Marine Technician

Marine Technician

Mercruiser Certified

Yamaha Certified

7 years experience

$50.00- hour labor rate


Need your engine serviced, or maybe your engine just doesn’t seem to have the power it once had. Sometimes small issues can turn into major problems. Maintenance of your boat is essential for keeping you and your family safe on the water. Anyone who owns a boat knows the many issues one can have from lack of use, lack of maintenance, or bad fuel. My promise to you is to keep you on the water enjoying the boating lifestyle the right way by repairing your engine correctly and at a price you can afford.

Service’s offered
*100 Hour or Yearly annual engine service
Includes: Engine oil and filter change – Fuel filters change – Lower Unit oil change – Replace Spark Plugs – Check and Replace all engine zincs if needed – Water pump R+R if needed – Grease all points and linkages – Check boats batteries – Spray engine down with corrosion protection – Visual Inspection overall engine for potential failures

*Water Pump R+R’s

*Fuel system cleanings

*Engine troubleshooting and diagnosing

*Minor to Major engine repairs

*Electrical Troubleshooting and repairs

*Knowledgeable in Outboards, Inboards, Sterndrives of all makes.

* 7 years experience, Certified Yamaha and Mercruiser

Hourly Rate: $50.00
Contact: Tyler 321-987-8719
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