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Plastic Welding @ All Wet Sports

**All Wet Sports**

Give us a call at 904-646-9887 All Wet Sports

If you have a hole or crack in your Kayak or Jet Ski oil/ Gas Tank don’t throw it away!

Please don’t try and glue it!

Bring it to us and let us Plastic Weld it.

With 10 years experience repairing small to large cracks in kayaks All Wet Sports is The South East Leader in Plastic Welding! Quick turn around! Prices start at just $25.

To avoid Most repairs….. Do Not Drag Your Kayak! If you have a crack.… most glues do not stick to plastic! If you use a glue and it still leaks please try and remove all old glue before bringing it to us to save you a little labor. We will need clean plastic to start from.

Give us a call at (904) 646-9887 All Wet Sports

Store hours are: Mon. thru Fri. 10 am till 7 pm Sat. 10am-6pm and Sun. noon till 4pm

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