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Safe Boating Class for NY and CT

The 2018 boating season is almost here, so now is a good time to get your boating safety training accomplished. We have classes scheduled every month through November 2018. The course involves 7 1/2 hours of classroom instruction taught by members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. This class is now required by NY State for everyone born on, or after 1 May 1996 wishing to operate a motorboat; and EVERYONE wishing to operated a personal watercraft (jet ski). It’s recommended that new boat owners of all ages take this course as well. Lesson plans for the class have been approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and include Introduction to boating, trailering, boat handling, navigation, boating law and boating emergencies.

This class also meets the requirements for Connecticut boaters. Many insurance companies will offer discounts to boat owners that complete this class. The class is open to students age 10 and over. Parents are urged to attend with their children. The class meets at the Coast Guard Auxiliary building in Harbor Island Park, Mamaroneck (sorry, no street address) and lasts eight hours with a 60 question multiple-choice test at the end. The fee is $60.00. Visit our website shown below for the 2018 class schedule and information on how to enroll.

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