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**A little bit risque, a little bit flirty, more coverage with a fashionable edge and high-end classics.**

**The [UjENA ‘][1]16 Swim Collection** has something for EVERYone,

something for EVERY occasion and something to make

**YOU** look F A B U L O U S !

Be one of the FIRST to own a new UjENA suit,
fresh off of our sewing machines and made right here in the USA, just for YOU.

**Come see our**

[NEW Bikinis][2] and Tankinis and our [SUPER Sexy NEW One-Piec][3]es.

For our special customers, take $10 off your order…

**Use code** c1741 for $10 off your [NEW UjENA][4] ’16 Suit.

Time to plan a getaway and Let’s SHOP


[1]: http://www.ujena.com/c1741
[2]: https://m.ujena.com/index.php/bikini-collections/all-bikinis-194.html
[3]: https://m.ujena.com/index.php/one-pieces/all-one-pieces-2.html
[4]: http://www.ujena.com/c1741
[5]: http://www.ujena.com/c1741

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